Viv is a 49-year old male from Nelson. He suffered an accident in 2010 in which he damaged his left arm. Following this he had an operation to remove bone from his right leg to repair the damage. The operation was successful but Viv has been left with constant pain in his leg which means he cannot sit for long periods, and limited ability in his arm.

He struggled when he tried to return to employment as a delivery driver and subsequently became unemployed. During this time he was unable to find suitable employment and in March 2015 signed up for Workchoice to have support in job searching and identifying suitable job roles.

We also had a number of barriers to overcome, including:

  • Unsure of work capabilities and limitations
  • Not familiar with job search processes including CV writing and application form filling
  • Could not return to previous job role

Viv was determined to find suitable employment and worked with advisors in weekly job clubs to help find a suitable role.

He was given an opportunity to assess his own limitations through working in our supported business factory at MTIB. Progress was slow and steady, and he started recognising his own limits and identified coping strategies.

In February 2016 a job vacancy came up with a company we have worked with previously – Sigma 3. Sigma 3 already support people with disabilities and have regularly worked alongside MTIB to provide long-term employment opportunities. Viv requested to be put forward for the opportunity and was transferred to Sigma 3 in Llantrisant. As we have worked with them previously, we knew this employer would provide the right support for Viv and understand his limitations. Viv done well in this role and was offered permanent employment. He has now reached sustainment and no longer feels the needs for our support.

Quote from Employer; Geoff Moore:

“Viv is an exceptional worker and has recently gone beyond the call of duty where we were needed to get orders out, he was on annual leave but agreed to work the weekend to help the company. He is a much valued member of the team.”