Robert is a 49 year old from Merthyr Tydfil, who has always struggled with reading / writing / maths. He is low skilled and has always needed extra time to learn new tasks and requires clear verbal instructions. He was receiving support from another Community Programme when he was referred to MTIB. His advisor had done all he can but was unable to reach the next step in securing employment for Robert.

Following the loss of his job in 2012, Robert struggled when he tried to return to employment as he was unable to read and fully understand job adverts, complete applications or use a computer. On signing up with MTIB we provided 1-2-1 support with job searching, provided a new and up to date CV and offered Robert a chance of supported employment within our factory to help build his confidence and skills.

We also had a number of barriers to overcome, including:

  • Restricted to public transport / within walking distance
  • Not familiar with job search processes including CV writing and application form filling
  • Speech impediment meant interviews would be difficult

Robert was determined to find suitable employment and accepted the offer of our supported business contract in March 2017.

On assessing his work skills, it was clear that while he was low skilled with regards to literacy / numeracy, Robert was extremely capable when working in a hands on job role.

In May 2017 a job vacancy came up with a company we have worked with previously – Morlais Golf Club. Morlais Golf Club have previously supported our clients with disabilities and have regularly worked alongside MTIB to provide long-term employment opportunities. I spoke to Robert regarding the vacancy and established that it was well-within walking distance of his home and was similar to a job he had done previously.

Robert was taken for interview and introduced to the employer. It was agreed he was suitable so employment was transferred to Morlais Golf Club.  As we have worked with them previously, we knew this employer would provide the right support for Robert and understand his limitations. Robert done well in this role and was offered permanent employment. He has now reached sustainment, and no longer feels the need for our support.