MTIB works to the ‘reverse job match’ model where we work with our customers and participants to find out what they can and want to do. Our advisors and Employer Engagement team then seek out opportunities to match them with suitable employers. At times we have employers approach us with vacancies and we share these with all our current customers. We try to understand what is required of each job so that we can match individuals closely to these requirements and manage expectations on both the individual and employers side. In-work support is then offered to ensure that employment is successful.

Placements are very useful and these are offered and arranged where customers want to try out a job role. They can be varied in length from a few hours one day per week to fulltime hours. A placement can give insight to both the employer and individual whether the job is for them and is a safe environment to try a job out. Placements can also act as a ‘working interview’ for individuals who may struggle to express themselves well at interview but during a placement can demonstrate their ability to do the role. All our placements are formal in terms of ensuring H&S and being clear of what is expected as well as possible outcomes as a result of the placement.

Please contact a member of our Employment & Training team to find out what projects we are currently running and how you can get involved.