About the Event

Employers should be making the most of the pool of talented disabled people in the UK and by working with local employers, role models and employees, this event will challenge negative attitudes to disability employment by showcasing how people with a disability can be a major contributor to business success.

Disabled people make up almost 20 per cent of the working age population, many being highly qualified individuals. But employers can be reluctant to employ them, missing out on a valuable source of potential and skills. At our event we would like to show you how much they have to offer your business.

There are numerous myths about disabled people taking more days off sick, costing money to have workplace adjustments and creating a fear of discrimination claims. All of these assumptions are incorrect. Come along to hear why they are wrong and listen to employers who can explain the support available, the steps they have taken to help disabled people enter and progress in the workplace, and the benefits their businesses have gained as a result.

If you're an employer who's interested in attending, don't hesitate get in touch.