A legacy gift to is a planned future donation to a charity, given through a will or other form of designation. It is a decision that each person makes in their own financial planning process, taking into account their charitable wishes and values.

A legacy gift from you could, many years from now, help us continue to either directly employ disabled people directly in our supported manufacturing facility, or in the wider community by maintaining our links with employers who are keen to see why a disabled person can be a valuable member of the workforce, and so that we continue our work to show that “disability should not be a barrier to employment”

By remembering Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind in your will, you could make a lasting difference to the work we are doing for disabled people in the wider community.

Writing your will: FAQs

Writing your will is an opportunity to make sure that the people you love are taken care of. But it's also your chance to do something exceptional for vulnerable children.

Do I need to use a solicitor to write or amend my will?

We recommend you consult a solicitor to make sure that all the legal formalities are covered and that your will is valid. The cost of the solicitor will vary depending on how complex your will is.

The Law Society can help you to find a solicitor in your area. For more information, call 020 7320 5650 or visit www.lawsociety.org.uk.

You can also choose to write your will in November, which is Will Aid month, using a solicitor who is participating. Instead of paying a fee, you will be asked to make a donation to charity. 

I'm prioritising my family and friends, can I still leave a gift to MTIB?

Of course looking after our loved ones comes first. After making sure that they will be provided for, it is stll possible to support disabled people in employment with a gift in your will.

What type of gift can I leave in my will?

  • A Residuary Legacy is a percentage or share of the balance of your estate once all other payments and gifts have been made. A lot people prefer to give a residuary gift because it keeps in line with inflation and does not lose value over time.
  • A Pecuniary Legacy is a fixed amount of money.
  • A Specific Legacy can include specific items like personal possessions, land or shares.

Are there any tax benefits if I leave a charitable gift in my will?

In the UK, inheritance tax is currently paid to the government at a rate of 40% if your estate is worth more than £325,000. However, the rate might be reduced to 36% if 10% or more of your estate is left to charity.

Most gifts left to Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind are exempt from inheritance tax because we are a registered charity. You can find out more by contacting HMRC or a solicitor.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, please contact us on (01685) 370072