Trevor Tatchell Golf Challenge 2016 Results

Sunshine and Texas Scramble

MTIB’s 18th annual charity golf day was held on Thursday 26th May 2016. The weather was cordial, being warm and sunny throughout the whole of the tournament.

Congratulations to LWT Marketing (pictured above) who were the overall winners of the tournament.

Final Standings:

1st Place - LWT Marketing
2nd Place - Gareth Hughes' Team
3rd Place ~ SERS Energy Solutions Ltd

In an attempt to freshen up the tournament a Texas Scramble format for scoring was adopted this year. This format proved to be enjoyable and popular amongst the teams participating in the tournament.

Our sincere thanks to the individuals and organisations who contributed to the tournament. The project will start again in January 2017 with a date for the next tournament being Thursday 25th May 2017.

Case Study

Sophie Holder

Sophie joined MTIB’S LEAP (Learning & Employment Action Project) on the 19th February 2015. Sophie has Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD and wished to receive support to develop her skill levels and gain work experience.