Case Study - Alyn Lang

Alyn joined LEAP in March 2015 at the start of the project he advised that he felt very nervous about meeting new people and attending group sessions. Following his initial assessment Alyn received a further one-to-one session before he attempted his first group activity, which was a wildlife and heritage walk at Cyfarthfa Park. Alyn advised that he was surprised at how well he had coped within the group activity and following this agreed to attend weekly LEAP Meet’s at MTIB. Since attending the group sessions Alyn states “my confidence has shot up and in addition to gaining qualifications I have formed friendships with other members of the group.

Since starting LEAP Alyn has attended over 23 group sessions, achieved 2 Agored Cymru accredited units and attended outdoor experience days including a Bushcraft experience day where Alyn took part in bush tucker trials and built a survival shelter. In addition to developing within the group sessions Alyn’s confidence and employment skills have been enhanced considerably by starting within a variety of voluntary placements at the Haylemma Equestrian Centre, MTIB Gardening Project and Cyfarthfa Castle Museum.

Alyn states “I have found LEAP very helpful it is a great project for people who are out of work, it has built my confidence and enabled me to meet new friends”. Alyn plans to continue volunteering and hopes to gain further qualifications which will help him to gain paid employment in the near future.

Case Study

Sophie Holder

Sophie joined MTIB’S LEAP (Learning & Employment Action Project) on the 19th February 2015. Sophie has Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD and wished to receive support to develop her skill levels and gain work experience.